Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Follow the first few days of a zombie apocalypse through the eyes of an ordinary man.

About Expired Judgement:  
Expired Judgement follows the story of a single father and the choices he makes for his family during the first three days of a zombie apocalypse.  With no knowledge of what's happening in the town of Norwood the police, the local news, and the citizens are trying to explain the events as they unfold and instruct others of what to do. 
What choices would you make for the ones you love?  Do you follow the instructions provided by others that may jeopardize your life?  Do you become a leader of a group in a time of need?  What is it that you would do?  Read and discover the choices made by George Mercer as the story unfolds to become the events that are Expired Judgement.
Read the first two chapters of the book and provide any feedback as I have posted them on the following website:  http://mindnoise.webs.com
Current project status:  
Book has been written and edited several times for the message I want to deliver to readers of the book.  As of right now there will still need to be some work done on the cover of the book and a few pages that cannot be completed until the funding by you on Kickstarter has been accomplished.  The book itself I have researched into and have decided to print it as a 8.5 x 5.5 paperback book that will consist somewhere between 160+ pages once fully completed (pages will vary based on number of supporters.
Where does the funding go:  The money you (the supporters) provide to me will provide ISBN numbers, listing fees, shipping fees, and the cost associated with publishing the first edition set of the book.  As a supporter of any monetary amount as I have mentioned numerous times I will also list your full name on the special supporter page(s) in the book for this edition and all following printed editions of the book.


Once the project becomes successfully funded I will begin making final edits to the book consisting of any rewrites from the rewards listed here on Kickstarter as well as the supporter page. Setting the final date of completion for these changes as January 31, 2013. From there the book will be sent off for printing to become a published novel. Upon receiving the finished product I will then commence to mail out all rewards that remain for the form of the book and begin trying to sell the book.
If I don't reach my funding goal then unfortunately dates will be pushed back as I will have to do further research and spend more time into finding a way to have the book printed. This will mean a longer wait for those of you out there that are wanting a copy of the book to read. Please help me avoid this possibility.

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