Thursday, November 15, 2012


32 short comic stories totaling 328 pages, celebrating 236 years of the American experience... with zombies.

The 42 Small-Press Commandos that contributed to FUBAR: American History Z need your help getting this anthology to the printer! 

Hi! My name is Jeff McComsey and I'm the Editor in Chief of the Zombie anthology FUBAR.
The previous Two anthologies FUBAR: European THeater of the Damned and FUBAR: Empire of the Rising dead covered both theaters of World War 2. After the success of those first two volumes I'm beyond proud to announce our third and most ambitious volume:

FUBAR: American History Z.

The 32 stories that comprise FUBAR: American History Z Span the entire American experience from the discovery of the new world to the present day.
So replace zombie Nazis and zombie Kamikazes with zombie George Washington. Add in a helping of crazy zombie Civil War dudes, zombie Jimi Hendrix, zombie Teddy Roosevelt and you get the idea.

Volume three clocks in at over 300 pages and contains the work of over 45 writers, artists, letterers, and is *just* about complete and ready to go.
The logistics are all locked in except for one important part and that's what brings us to Kickstarter. We're here  to ask you ladies and gents once again for a little help getting this third volume off to the  printer. If funding is successful we intend to use the money exclusively for the offset print run of FUBAR: American History Z. 
Any amount over the initial goal will go to print more books!


To get to our goal we've got a bunch of great custom rewards and sketches. Each backer that selects any or all volumes for a reward gets their choice of ANY custom World War II or historical American zombie head sketch right on the first page of each book!


We've added international shipping rates to each reward to compensate for International backers. We've kept them as low as we can to make sure you guys and girls can get the best value for your pledge. Any questions, just shoot us a message.


Your support of Indie comics in general and FUBAR in particular makes it possible for these project to exist and thrive. I know I can speak for all the creators involved when I say thanks you for your time and thank you for your support.  


After this project is funded we begin the work of getting FUBAR: American History Z out to the public at large. We are at the end of the day a young press competing with publishers that have been putting out books for over half a century with characters that have become part of Americana. Distribution is always the end game once the long creative process is over and in many ways it is the most challenging part.
This is our second Kickstarter campaign to publish a volume of FUBAR. the first campaign saw FUBAR: Empire of the Rising dead off to the printer. With help from many retailers, contributors and backers we got that volume on THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER list. The first Kickstarter funded comic thus far to land on the list. We were beyond proud of that accomplishment and we aim to do it again. Distribution is a challenge like I said, but one we are very excited to take on once again.
Thanks for your time and thank you for your support

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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