Monday, November 19, 2012

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Zombie I Scream, the iPhone App

An exciting new game for the iPhone that gives you a chance to save the world from zombies, one ice cream cone at a time.

Zombie I Scream is a game where you, the player, inhabit the role of a brilliant scientist who is in the midst of a zombie plague with only an ice cream truck and his courage. 
The Government has given you the formulas to counter the effects of the virus you inadvertently helped create.  They come in the form of ice-cream concoctions like Minty Eyeball, and Vein-illa Oblongata.* These formulas, when placed in cones (with special toppings) and hurled at the Zombies, return zombie victims to human form.   You have a "now saving" counter in your truck which keeps track of how many zombies you have returned to human form.  The right amount will reverse the effect in that neighborhood until the city is saved. You and the Government believe this is the only way to save the dwindling population of the earth.  
Your first assignment is Boston—and you'll work your way through various neighborhoods until you've saved enough zombies to move on. As you fight your way across the city searching for your lost (and perhaps, pregnant) wife and curing zombies along the way, you will encounter new obstacles as "special" zombies enter the scene. These zombies have powers like toxicity and speed which increase in danger and complexity.  Your truck is also outfitted with several weapons and gadgets to hinder or destroy the zombies you can’t save.  But that’s a last resort. You will need to rely on your skill, your capacity for ice-cream making, sharp shooting and your memorization of ice cream recipes.   
If you can make it through the city, you will ultimately meet the unexpected mastermind: Carl the Chicken.  If you can defeat Carl, you're ready to take on other cities. If not, humanity is doomed.   Get your cones, flavors and toppings ready— there's a world that needs saving, and only you can do it!
*Real ice cream with flavors based (loosely) on the zombie formulas will be sent to those who donate at the specified levels. 


Our current challenges include finishing the game, and this isn't just following a recipe. Thefty Jack has extensive user testing plans to make sure the game is not only fun, challenging and bug-free, but satisfying to Zombie fans and hard-core gamers alike. We have an incredible team made of folks with a combined two decades of experience in the Internet, Software Development, Mobile Apps and the creative disciplines, so we know well how to put out a high quality product on a deadline and a budget.
We have more cities and zombies to create, and we are always tempted to add features not originally in the plan, but we are sticking to our ice-cream holsters to make sure we get this game out in 2012! As always, we need your help Kickstarter!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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