Thursday, November 15, 2012

KICKSTARTER Project Update #11: The  Deck of the Dead - Jack of Spades

Update for Canadian and Mexican backers: There is a new backer level for those looking to get the 300-chip packages. While it's still pricey shipping 12 pounds of chips, not counting cards and dice, it's not as pricey as sending them overseas. So the $188 level is built only for those in Canada and Mexico. All other international backers, please do not select this level.

Ranking updates: As of last night, Póstumo became the ninth-highest funded Graphic Design project in the history of Kickstarter, and the No. 8 spot is in our sites.
We're also now the 10th-highest funded deck of playing cards.

Other Milestones we're keeping an eye on: The $30,000 stretch goal, along with our 1,000th backer.
This has been an amazing trip so far, and we're fired up for the next two weeks. For now, please enjoy a preview of the Jack of Spades:

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