Monday, November 12, 2012

Legendary SF Rapper Rappin 4-Tay Makes a Splash in Zombie-Filled Music Video
Rappin 4-Tay is featured in a new music video that came out for Halloween, called "Hustlevania", which has zombies among other halloween-ish scenes, and has made a big splash on YouTube, with almost 50,000 views its first week.

The song features Rappin 4-Tay, Ad Kapone, BlacDaRippa, Marcus Weezy, and Lasro, and has a distinctive "creepy" vibe helped by live viola and cello parts.  The artist Lasro adds an ethereal hook to the track, which really sells the Halloween vibe.

But what really makes this track stand out is the video.  In the video you see the rappers performing while zombies lurch ever closer, plus some gore and blood effects so what you get is a little horror movie.  Freematik, the producer of the project states "a lot went in to the song and video production so that as you watch it, you are brought into that world, like watching a good scary movie".  The video definitely has great timing, as zombies are in vogue right now, they seem to be showing up everywhere.

Another important note about this song, is that it is the first song released by Bay2Africa, a charity organization dedicated to shipping music equipment and other supplies to Africa.

The video is up on Youtube.

About Bay2Africa
Bay2Africa is a non-profit charity organization, based in San Jose, California, that just officially started, and is dedicated to using music, especially Bay Area music, to bring aid to Africa.  Find out more at

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