Friday, November 2, 2012


David Morrissey as The Governor on The Walking Dead

What a shame “Deadheads” is already famously attached to the Grateful Dead fans. The term now applies to The Walking Dead more than ever.

The last shot of Season 3, Episode 3, "Walk With Me," was of The Governor (David Morrissey) hanging out in a dark room, gazing at his aquarium filled with zombie heads. Zombie heads with eyes and mouths that moved.

So ... what the Woodbury was that about?
The Governor, Michonne and Andrea on The Walking Dead

"It's supposed to be something jarring," executive producer and comic book guru Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter. "He's got Michonne's walker pets in one of the fish tanks and the pilot from the helicopter added; it's something the Governor's been collecting. You should get a sense, and if you've read the comics you know that this is something he does from time to time. The reasons why he has these heads and what it is he's actually doing while he's just sitting there staring at them remains to be seen. It's part of the mystery surrounding the Governor. There's much more from where that came from and as the season continues to unfold, we'll discover more possibly horrific things about this guy."

On Ep 3 we also met Milton (Dallas Roberts), who has been experimenting on walkers (or biters, whatever you want to call them). "There is a question of how much of a person's personality is still contained within the zombies and that's something Milton will be dealing with,” Kirkman continued. “He's going to do everything in his power to get some answers. It's a fun plotline moving forward."
The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler Photo: A Walker Menaces

Testing on zombies isfun! But do you remember Morgan on Season 1? He kept trying to kill his zombie wife but couldn't do it. She kept turning to look at her house, like she was still drawn back there to her old home, with her human husband and son inside. She seemed to retain some human elements.
But back to The Governor's tank — were those undead heads alive or what?

"Yeah. I mean, they’re waterlogged zombie heads that are in a severe state of decay," Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. "But they’re looking around, you know. If you watch those eyes, they’re moving, their mouths are moving. They’re live zombie heads. [...] If you don’t destroy the brain, you don’t destroy the zombie. We had a severed zombie head in Season 1 that Daryl had to stab an arrow into so we’ve firmly established that severed heads are alive and well in the zombie anatomy."

Alive, sort of. Well, not really. Let’s just hope we never see any of our beloved prison folks stuck in that fish talk.

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