Start time: 2pm
    We moved the rules to the top and added some to make things simple because people are not reading the entire event.

    if you can not follow the rules, please do not come.

    - no photographing the walk itself just the meet and greet. Reason found in the event details

    - no masks or stuff that shoots from your outfit

    - you must stay on the side walk

    - no profanity

    - if it's not yours, don't touch it(this means no smashing your face on Windows)

    - no cell phones please. Ever seen a zombie use a phone?

    - have fun with it

    - please, if you feel you can't control yourself, don't come.

    - do not run at random people

    - you must be dressed as a zombie to participate

    - no autographs at the walk please just photos

    This years walk will be after Halloween but we are still fighting to give you the best zombie experience! This year we will be having some guest appearances :) so far we have IronE Singleton best known for his role in The Walking Dead as T-Dog and Addy Miller best known as the little girl zombie with the bear. We also have fun prizes! We are stoked to kick off the blood at the beach again! This will still be a food drive so don't forget your non perishables! We are working on fun activities to kick the walk off also :) keep posted for updates!

    To kick off the blood at the beach convention, Hampton roads zombiewalk has teamed up with the amazing people who will bring the biggest horror con to the east coast! You don't want to miss either event!

    This info is on the con:
    The annual Blood At The Beach convention will be November 9th-11th, 2012 in Virginia Beach, Virginia! This will be a major event to come and meet and mingle with your favorite horror icons, from past and present!

    Email about the zombiewalk:

    the zombiewalk staff will be involved which means there will be designated photographers for this walk! We ask that you refrain from photographing the walk itself. It's ok to photograph during the meet and greet. IronE Singleton (T-Dog) and Addy Miller (little girl zombie) will be at the walk for the meet and greet!

    ***IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WALK, YOU MUST DRESS FOR THE OCCASION*** it is called a zombiewalk for a reason :)

    please no masks. If you have a question about weather or not it is acceptable please email vabeachzombiewalk@yahoo.com or message me.

    Every year we have had problems with late arrivals. We will start the walk at 3pm Sharp.

    Please keep checking this event for updates. This is an insured event yay! And all permits have been obtained for this event.

    I will post when I have an update so keep checking in! Rain or shine this will go on!


    Also! California pizza kitchen asks that if we eat there in costume after the walk, please remove some of your more gruesome features so they do not get any complaints. Last year an old lady complained about the horrible gore...