Monday, January 14, 2013


As you know, after seeing that totally cool (albeit fake) zombie 'Monopoly' game board done by Dave Farmer,

and, after contacting Hasbro and suggesting a zombie themed 'Monopoly' game, and politely being told to go away, I saw this great 'The Walking Dead' version of 'Monopoly' by Mcase19!

So, after being totally disgusted by all this zombie love being dissed by Hasbro, I took it upon myself to make an online petition. 

It reads:
We, the undersigned, have taken this action as we feel that Hasbro, the owner of the 'Monopoly' board game, needs to produce a zombie version of their popular board game. We have seen many different variations of the game and feel that a zombie version would fit right in with the rest of their "themed" 'Monopoly' games. Whether it be a generic zombie version or even with 'The Walking Dead' as a theme, a "limited time release" or having it always be on the shelf, the time is right to do so. Thanks to the popularity of 'The Walking Dead,' zombies are very much a "hot item" right now, and Hasbro should act before there are any changes in the popularity of the living dead.  
Hasbro has a policy stating that it does not accept submissions from outside sources for the development of games. We feel that this is in error and needs to change, as we do not understand why anyone would not want to listen to their buying audience about the type of product they want to spend their money on.
We hope that this petition will show Hasbro that there is an audience for a zombie version of 'Monopoly' and that they should act now to take advantage of this profitable situation. It would be a win/win for both the Hasbro company and the consumer.

I want to get as many signatures as possible! Forward it to all your family and friends! I want everybody and their mother to sign this petition!

In addition to emailing the petition to Hasbro, I intend to send it to a number of higher ups in the company in paper form. I think their policy needs to be changed regarding submitting ideas, because I can't understand disregarding a money-making proposition just because someone at the company didn't think of it. I understand that money may be involved, but for example, I didn't request money with my submission of a zombie themed version. I just wanna see it get made And I know it will sell. Please! (And who thought of X amount of versions of 'Star Wars' themed 'Monopoly?' I'm not knocking it; just that there is a lot of versions, that's all.)

So PLEASE!! Sign the petition and pass it on! Let's show Hasbro our passion for the zombie genre and that we want a zombie themed 'Monopoly!

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