Friday, January 4, 2013


Greetings, my shambling shuffling friends!

The other day, I was cruising past the magazine rack at the local Tractor Supply Co. when I noticed a gem tucked in between the horse and chicken magazines. That gem was the premier issue of Zombie Nation, and the moment I saw it I thought I heard angels in the background. Well they were more like zombie angels, and by singing I mean moaning.

Zombie Nation is what happens when Guns and Ammo magazine has a one night stand with World War Z by Max Brooks, and boy is this baby awesome!

For those Americans prepping for the day that society is overrun by naked face eating cannibals, Zombie nation is your go to magazine. Even the advertisements were freaking cool!  There is the ad from informing us about their premium gun stocks and emblazoned with the big bold words "BE PREPARED, THEY WONT KILL THEMSELVES", while a face shredded zombie lurches in the background.

I have to mention the Hornandy zombie hunting bullets, which everyone needs at least one box in their collection. Their green tips are just perfect for the green brains of the zombies you will be gunning for. Be it zombie humans, or zombie forest animals while hunting, you need these!

The articles in the Premier issue of Zombie Nation Magazine are first class.

- They give us interviews with walkers from 'The Walking Dead' hit show on AMC.

- Six tips for avoiding the bite, if you ever end up without access to a gun.

- Face stabbing rifle muzzle peices, for those tight places where you find yourself face to face with the undead.

- Belt fed Valkyrie's that fire the nato 5.56 for civilians.

- Apocalypse sniping.

- Chainsaw attachments for your rifle. Let me repeat that so the words sink in. A gun with a working chainsaw attachment. How freaking cool is that!

This issue also came with a zombie target poster tucked inside. Along with great articles on crossbows, handguns, an assault style .410 revolver and the Kel Tec KSG 14+1 shotgun, which could be the only 12 guage anyone would ever need to buy. I know the KSG is on my christmas list and you should add it to yours as well!

Gosh, I have been gushing like a fangirl shaking Daryl Dixons hand. So I am gonna get back on track with the G.R.E.A.T. Score.

G-ore: Bill Johnson is the artist behind the zombie fx that splatters these pages with awesomness.  I would love to see some zombie makeup tips in future issues. 9.0

R-ealism: HELL-OO a Guns and Ammo style magazine about fighting zombies.  Cant get any more realistic than that. 10 of 10

E-ntertainment: I have read Zombie Nation magazine four times, and whenever a friend stops by they are drawn to read it like a zombie is drawn to warm flesh. 10 again!

A-ction: The pages are packed with pics of zombies and humans engaged in combat. 9.0

T-hrills: My thrills began the moment I laid eyes on Zombie Nation, and have not abatted a week later. This magazine is too damn cool to give less than a 10 on thrills.

The total G.R.E.A.T. Score is 9.6 out of 10.

You can find Zombie Nation magazine at most retailers or pick it up online. A zombie fan without this in their collection , is just a wannabe.

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