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This is a dark comedy set is a post-apocalyptic zombie world, but a cure for zombie-ism has been found. Thus, zombies are returned to their normal human mental state, but unfortunately, still look like zombies. The “Z” Word creates a realm of zombie racism and zombies trying to re- assimilate in to society. David Rubinstein, a recovered zombie, lives a very average and monotonous life. He works every day in a cubicle and has to deal with the hassle of the living constantly belittling him. Although David is desperate to find a way out, he may be a little more desperate romantically. He is a member of a zombie dating website that allows him to find women who are interested in “Z’s.” He meets a girl named “Denise” on the site and decides to go on a date with her. After an embarrassing conversation with his overbearing mother, he arrives at the restaurant to meet Denise. 


The Z Word is styled to appeal to men and women between the ages of fifteen through fifty. Zombie films and television shows are a popular genre that has a wide fan base. The fan base for The Z Word is extremely accessibly especially through the festival circuit. 

Length, Distribution, and Media 

Estimated length: 15-18 minutes 
Distribution: Large Festival Exposure (Hopefully) and potentially ITunes/Netflix release
Video: Canon C300
We decided that Kickstarter was the best way to put ourselves out there and let our story see some eyes  (that aren't ours). We hope that through this you can fall in love with it, as we have, and feel that it is worth watching, and hopefully worth helping us fund it.
Austin Turner (Executive Producer) – Austin is a graduate from Vanderbilt University with a degree in business. Austin has been involved in several companies as a partner and been working on gaining many contacts in Chicago the past few years via his acting career. This has lead to his next entrepreneurial endeavor, which is starting a production company with The “Z” Word as it’s beginning.
Kayla Rosenberg (Writer/Producer) – Kayla has been working in entertainment, performing, for over 11 years, and writing for just over 6. Her strengths lie in comedy as she is trained in and a part of Second City and iO. Kayla is also a member of the sketch comedy group, CSTTV TV. She has 2 published works of fiction and has written over 11 screenplays. Kayla is an Emmy nominee for the show The Price of Admission.
John Lerchen (Director) – John has been working in the film industry, independently, for the past 6 years. He has 3 films currently in the works, excluding The “Z” Word, all intended for festival distribution. Several of John’s films have been official selections in film festivals such as the Las Vegas International Film Fest, Memphis International Film Fest, and some others as well. 
The Fun Stuff!
1. Facebook “Thank You” – Pretty self-explanatory… our fan base is growing every day! (Available for $10, $25, $50)
2. Private Online Viewing of “The Z Word” – You will receive a private link to watch the final cut of The Z Word on Vimeo upon completion. (Available for $25)
3. DVD – Want a hard copy of our film? We will have a DVD created with a behind the scenes documentary, the short edit of the film, and the director’s cut of the film all on one disc. (Available for $50, $75, $100, $200, $500,$1000,$2,500, $5,000)
4. Poster - We are creating many kinds of posters for our film. We are creating more designs everyday. You will get to choose what poster you want to receive.Check out some rough idea bellow. (Available for $75, $100, $200, $500,$1000,$2,500, $5,000)   
5. T-Shirt - Just like the posters we are creating many kinds of T-Shirts and you will receive one! (Available for $100, $200, $500,$1000,$2,500, $5,000)
6. Script - Receive a hard copy of the script. It's a great laugh and a fun read. The script will be signed by all of the key cast and crew. ($200, $500, $1000, $2,500, $5,000) 
7. Skype Call - You will be skyped in to of our scenes as its being made. Our crew is going to be giant and there will be lots of extras on set. It's going to be chaos to watch and a lot of fun. (Available for $500,$1000,$2,500, $5,000)
8. Prop - You will be sent a key prop from the film signed by all of the cast and crew. (Available for $1000,$2,500, $5,000)
9. Set Visit - You will be invited to be on set to watch the film being made. This is a one week shoot in Indianapolis. Stay for a day or the entire shoot. Unfortunately travel and room will not be included. (Available for $2,500, $5,000)
10. Dinner and screening with the director, writer, and executive producer in Chicago. We don't bite. (Available for $5,000)


The only risks that we foresee are in the week of production. As any filmmaker knows, everything on set WILL go wrong, so we just have to prepare for that. We have scheduled some extra shoot days just in case! I'd say our biggest challenge is putting together something that we deem worth YOUR time. And a lot of that comes down to the money available to us. We are 3 creatively driven and intensely different people and we hope that we can show you that this is worth it.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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