Saturday, November 3, 2012

AFM 2012: Zombie Polar Bears To Be Unleashed In COLD PATROL

The globalization of modern genre cinema has thrown up another interesting fish. Australian producer Pete Ford has hired ex Warner Brothers International president Wayne Duband and announced their first film together will be Russian action adventure Cold Patrol

Cold Patrol follows a dogsled team in the Arctic that discovers an abandoned Soviet town that has been overtaken by zombie polar bears. Of course. 

Produced by Ford's company Resolution Independent, Cold Patrol was written by Christopher Webster and will be directed by Nikolai Pigarev - who just directed the first Russian-language zombie movie, Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead, also produced by Ford.

The film will be English-language and will shoot in late 2013 in the Arctic Circle. 

Ford has been fairly active in genre cinema in Australia, mostly at the small end of the scale with producing credits on Storm Warning and Prey. It's not Duband's first foray into Australian genre production, as he previously executive produced Gabriel and the upcoming John Doe

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