Monday, November 19, 2012

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Not Exactly Dead - The Graphic Novel

This graphic novel follows the creation of a zombie army and the ensuing battle to save the world by geriatric zombies.

In The Beginning…
These days zombies are everywhere- on TV, in movies, books, video games and even theme parks. Almost all iterations come from a zombie apocalypse of some sort. Understandably, the threat and excitement is greater when the world is overrun with flesh-eating creatures that just won’t quit. But my question is where did the first zombie come from? How did it spread? Would anyone be able to recognize the beginning of the outbreak? If so, who would it be? And could they take on the challenge of eliminating the threat?
My mind (being scientific, always seems to look for the beginning, i.e. the big bang) began to wander in the direction of zombie one. I found him in the person of Willard, a recent parolee who accidently “discovers” zombie-ness. His desire to test it and share it leads to an outbreak that could prove to be very bad for humanity indeed. Of course, it takes some special people to recognize the symptoms and actually do something about it…
Not Exactly Dead is just that tale. The graphic novel we are producing has been developed alongside a feature film version so that we can maintain character integrity and storyline. This uniquely styled novel will not only entertain fans of the genre, but also make a splendid addition to any collection.
Kicking It Off On Kickstarter
            We chose Kickstarter because of its unique community of avid fans and supporters. It is a great way to be involved directly. With your support in reaching our goal of $9500, we can not only produce an incredible finished product, but also provide some additional items that will be unique to those who have pledged. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to examine our project! And thanks in advance to all who pledge your support…


The risks and challenges as we see them include the actual overall completion of the novel through to final published book. The first big hurdle was converting the completed feature film screen play to graphic novel format and matching it up. Currently we have completed about 30% of the original artwork. As with all art projects, creative work is time consuming and our real remaining challenge is making sure we can stay ahead of our timeline. We want to make sure that we can deliver a high quality product on or before the deadline we set.
Motivation remains high to complete a high quality product as the feature film possibilities continue to improve.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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