Monday, November 19, 2012


A young woman who is trapped by zombies during the initial outbreak embarks on a dangerous journey to rebuild her life.

NEW PROJECT VIDEO UPDATE COMING SOON!!!! (one with the cast of the project instead of me... Keep me behind the camera PLEASE!!!) 
Population Zombie is a story that follows a young woman who's trapped by zombies during the initial outbreak. Once she escapes her focus is on finding out about her family. Now with the entire world turned upside down she joins up with a new group of friends and embarks on a dangerous journey to rebuild her life.
Estimated Release Schedule
  • Pilot Episode Available January 2013
  • Episodes 2 - 3 will be released in February / March 2013
  • Episodes 4 - 6 will be released late Spring/ Summer 2013
What I Am Raising Funds For...
Preproduction is finished for the first 3 episodes and i am ready to start filming. 
  • Makeup supplies to get the zombies looking the best that they can.
  • A few production supplies (SD cards)
  • Travel Costs
  • Food / Drinks for cast and crew while on set. 
  • Crew
How It Gets Done
With the added money i can get the few extras that really will improve the production value of the project. The cast of the pilot episode is ready to start filming. Let's make it happen! 


The main challenge is keeping the project on schedule. With a film you don't ever know how many times you have to shoot a scene again due to footage getting lost, looking bad or an actor leaving the project. If someone has to be replaced it causes you to shoot that characters scenes again. This would push back the delivery date on many of the rewards.
The Pilot episode takes place in an apartment building in August. Being that it is indoors i can film it any time... It being November will make me have to wait till spring to film episodes 4 -6.
Another thing is how it will turn out once finished. With so many zombies the make up is the largest challenge. With such limited dialog in this project filming for me will be much easier.
I also have to make a main title sequence for the project. BUT i think i will produce a quality one... Here is a link to the test render from Symphony's Target Title sequence...
Feel Free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I will be happy to discuss it with you.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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