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    Help me accomplish my dream!
    Hi, my name is Brandon Wright, and I'm the first time author of The Undead Diaries series. The idea behind The Undead Diaries series is to follow around "zombies" as they struggle to live. Sounds stupid doesn't it? Of course, the book's version of a zombie is slightly different than the typical brain eating zombie that we all know and love. The zombies in this book are normal people who contract a virus that changes their ability to eat anything but raw to barely cooked meats.
    What I'm going to do with the money: 
    The money I obtain (if funded) from KickStarters is to help me get my foot into publishing books to sell, get the necessary equipment and books to start book signings, and cover the price of shipping books.
    I'll be going through (owned by Amazon) to get my book professionally edited, incorporate my ideas of the cover, customize the interior of the book, and more. Total price of what I'm needing done is over $1,500 but I'm going to be fronting some of the cash myself.
    Excerpt from Chapter 1:
    The government has been okay with hormones being given to our livestock for years, so it came to no one's surprise when they came out with their own hormone for quite a bit less cost than the average hormone injection. The government sanctioned it to only be used in certain states so they did not become a monopoly. Of course, some farmers didn't agree with using the government's version of the growth hormone, but it was cheaper, and produced the same (if not better) results.
    Coincidentally that's also around the same time people mysteriously started having cravings for their foods under-cooked, and some bloody. There was some speculation that the hormone was causing people to want their steaks rare to medium rare. Of course the government discarded it as a conspiracy theory.
    When people started getting sick and dying from food-borne illnesses, more people pointed their fingers at the government for producing the growth hormones. Due to an overwhelming number of lawsuits against the growth hormone, the government pulled it from the shelves.
    However, the damage was done...when someone got sick from eating meat from the government's growth hormone enabled livestock, they couldn't keep any foods down unless it was not cooked or prepared at all. It also seemed to be that they could only keep down meats; other foods could not be digested, and would be vomited back up. At least that's what happened to me.
    Please help me reach my goal!


    Some risks are that I don't get the first book published on time due to shipping issues, problems with formatting/editing, or an issue with the first proof of the book (printing problems).
    If this issue comes along, I'll be sure to notify all my backers to let them know about the delay.
    A couple challenges I could possibly run into would be cover art not being accepted, or the concepts of the cover art taking longer than expected. Again, if this should happen, I will be letting the backers know of the delay.
    Lastly, a major risk is that after this one book is published, I may not sell any further books outside of those sent to the backers. If this should happen, there may be a possibility of losing interest in publishing the rest of the books I have planned.
    In this case, I would finish up the 2nd book (already in the 1st draft) and end it as I always thought it should be ended.

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