Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is Zombiepalooza Radio?

Hi if you are new here my name is Jackie Chin, and I am the producer and host of Zombiepalooza radio. What is Zombiepalooza radio? It's a mixture of every sort of style, flavor and brand of zombies you can't find any where else on the planet. We have the most talented graphic artist's, authors, actors, film producers, special effects creators, musicians, Lego builders, movie enthusiast on the planet. 
What we mean to our listeners is hope. We support everyone who has PTSD, those who feel alone and/or forgotten. We offer refuge to those who just need to know someone cares. We offer joy, peace of mind and mostly support to you and your ideas. Enjoy the page listen to the shows and have fun with those who are in your company. Who knew all this could come of out the genre of ZOMBIES? Let us know on ztalkradio what you think, on the page share your stories. You're among friends. This project is all about YOU!


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