Thursday, November 8, 2012

THE COMPLETE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD FILMBOOK & SCRAPBOOK by john russo Reissued for a 3rd edition!

For fans of John Russo and Night of the Living Dead: John Russo is publishing a third edition of his The Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook & Scrapbook!

The first two editions, originally published in 1985, are LONG OUT OF PRINT and this new edition incorporates additional material from his personal NOLD scrapbook, the originals of which auctioned for $1,500.

This special trade paperback edition is being produced by John Russo himself, so this is not a Cemetery Dance book, but that just makes it even more incredible. His unfiltered words and vision are right there on the page with no editorial interference from anyone!

This is the definitive story of how the classic horror movie was made -- plus his forty-year collection of articles, clippings, and memoirs!

As a special bonus, these copies will be SIGNED by John Russo, so don't wait to place your order!

Order here!

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