Thursday, November 8, 2012

UPDATE: Project Update #7: Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead

Project Update #7: The Silver Backs

We've been debating when to release this. Technically, it's our "$30K Stretch Goal." But Obsidian and I are officially making Póstumo into a three-deck set.
You've already seen the Green Back and Red Back decks, which have amazing art printed on Bicycle paper.
The Silver Back, though, is the crown jewel. Printed on Bee paper, the Silver Back will feature four new ace cards, as well as a metallic pewter ink added to the card backs. It will also have a limited print run of 2,500, which is the lowest run you can do with USPC on Bee paper.
Right now, we're only going to sell this deck as part of a set of three. We're going to open a slew of "Trifecta" reward levels that include various amounts of chips and dice added to them. Each level will be limited, but if one level sells out I will add spots to it and take spots away from a less-popular level.
We're also launching this with the "Lucky 7s" reward level. The first 52 backers of this level can get a Red, Green and Silver back for just $7 each. Please note: this level is similar to the First and Second Shuffle in that you can not add other items to it.

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