Thursday, June 5, 2014

Zombie Food Party Picks Make The Zombie Apocalypse Look Appetizing

These reusable toothpicks could come in handy whether you are a zombie and ate some human brains, or if you are a human and want to use plastic zombies to pick regular food out of your teeth. Designed by Meninos, Zombie Food reusable toothpicks are great fun for entertaining. This is especially the case if your guests are zombie enthusiasts or if you are throwing a Halloween party. These undead toothpicks make it look like zombies are climbing out of your food, making for an appetizing apocalyptic experience. 

Food Zombie Party Picks come in a pack of 12, featuring six gruesome positions in green and gray colors. The reusable toothpicks are food-safe and hand-washable. They also come in their own plastic bag to keep your miniature zombies fresh 'til death.

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