Monday, June 9, 2014

Lake Eerie Zombie Mud Run – Saturday July 12, 2014

Lake Eerie Zombie Mud Run is back… and it’s going to be KILLER!  This summer, take part in the event that will prove to be the best race of your life! 
Step foot in the mud and run this 5K as if it were your last. Basic Survival strategies will prove powerful. Enter as group, join with a partner or a team and you might stand a chance.  July 12th, 2014,  the forecast is Sunny with a 100% chance of Zombie Manifestation. Use what speed and agility your mama’ gave you and whatever you do, don’t let the Zombie’s take your flag… Time is of no value, it is your life at stake.
The land is wet, the route is muddy, the obstacles are extreme… complete this 5K with your belt full of flags and defeat the zombies.  Slip… and the lake will take you, take a wrong turn and the Zombies will trap you… only the courageous will survive with a flag.  If your flags are taken you might get the chance to regain a flag at the immunization station, if you have the willpower to face the gutsy challenge.

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