Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Will Alice join the Resident Evil games?

A major Japanese publication recently reported that Capcom may reveal the latest chapter in its popular Resident Evil franchise next month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles! Not only would the upcoming video game receive an official release date, but fans might witness two exciting new developments for the series itself.
Rumors regarding Resident Evil 7 have suggested everything from the return of beloved villain Albert Wesker to the introduction of Alice from the successful film series. However these suggestions seem dubious at best. In fact, little is actually known right now except that Capcom plans to announce a major new title at the upcoming event in June.
Translation – It is seen as a new work of the Resident Evil series, attention of fans is growing. Latest ’6′ has sold 5.6 million more than in the world Resident Evil, comparable sales are expected to ’7′ also will be released.
Capcom has taken some criticism lately from fans who feel the developer has been largely absent on next-generation consoles, not to mention the poor reception of Resident Evil 6. Additionally, the company has been focusing its efforts on smartphone titles; recently merging a number of office branches with their online game development team.
However, the article from popular Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun seems confident that the upcoming PlayStation 4 announcement will be Resident Evil 7. And with the Electronic Entertainment Expo kicking off June 10th, we only have a short time to find out!


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