Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Can you Escape from Zombie Earth?

Arkham Massachusetts, USA is now overrun with the undead! Thanks to the work of Doctor Herbert West and his followers, the world has been reborn into a zombie playground. There are some survivors who say that it is the will of Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones that man’s domination of the world should come to an end.  Yet, a strange hope lies deep beneath the campus of Miskatonic University.

This miniseries is inspired by one of the first zombie stories ever written, H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Re-animator. This and other works are treated as historical events that occurred in the same time that they were written. Thus Escape from Zombie Earth takes place 80 to 90 years afterward. As more of Lovecraft's world becomes exposed in the story the threat level continues to increase. This prompted the author to title books 2 and 3 Escape from Arkham Earth, as there are far more dangerous things coming out of Arkham than zombies.

“I want to offer a fun and intriguing gateway into the world of Lovecraft and some of the other great horror lore of old.  This in combination with many concepts and characters that I created years ago has led to a story far more layered and compelling than I had thought possible. Readers will find a story that moves in a wild and surprising direction." says creator, Scotty Richard.

Visit arkhamearth.com to discover more than just another zombie story.  Zombies are just the beginning of what’s in store for readers as this unique new piece of American horror comes to comics!

Escape from Zombie Earth is a 34 page story from inside cover to inside cover with no wasted space. Rendered in classic black and white with a color cover painted by Scotty Richard. Printed copies are available now for $4.50 and digital copies are $2.99.


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