Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Check out these latest releases from Permuted Press

Under Siege (The Becoming Book 4)
by Jessica Meigs

It has been almost two years since the Michaluk Virus outbreak began, and Remy Angellette has helped her friends establish Woodside, a walled-in community of survivors in South Carolina. But underneath the veneer of simplicity of their day-to-day lives, not all is as it seems.

The gang feels safe, but how long will that last with Remy hovering between sanity and madness? When hundreds of infected besiege Woodside, Ethan and Kimberly slip out with the cure to search for a still-operational CDC facility. But will Woodside survive until the military arrives or end up dead at the hands of the infected after two years of survival?

eBook ISBN: 9781618682413
Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781618682406

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Blood Red (Book 1)
by Jason Bovberg

Rachel is 19. She doesn’t know how to handle her new stepmother, let alone the end of the world. But after finding her stepmother dead, Rachel is suddenly racing against time—and terrifying, unnatural forces—to survive a gruesome apocalyptic event. Outside her door, the college town of Fort Collins, Colorado, is filled with corpses, and something unfathomable is happening to those bodies. And it’s only just begun. As Rachel struggles to comprehend her horrible new reality, she’ll need to find answers to questions she never thought she’d ask—all while desperately searching for her lost father, on whom she pins all her hopes for coming out of this phenomenon alive and intact. But nothing will be as it seems.

eBook ISBN:  9781618682543
Trade Paperback ISBN:  9781618682536

Purchase in eBook or Print.

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