Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Get ready to barbeque some zombies!

Backseat grillers are the worst. All you’re trying to do is grill something up for a family cookout, and everybody keeps throwing in their two cents, giving their unwanted advice on how to grill “properly.” Well, there’s one sure way to keep those backseat grillers at bay—pretend you’re a zombie!*

This Walking Dead Walker Torso Apron features a gory walker torso that will surely scare off anyone who’s trying to offer some advice on “efficiently distributing the heat” or informing you that you’re “setting all the steaks on fire.” Gosh, just let a man cook, why don’t ya?

The apron will be available this September, so start placing your orders soon!

*This apron will also work when you’re trying to camouflage yourself from real zombies while grilling.

Product Page: ($23.99)


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