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Kevin Kriess has done more for the local zombie and Romero heritage in the Pittsburgh area than most anyone I know. Through tough times and in good, he has kept the flame burning strong and busted his ass to keep the Monroeville Zombies store and museum running. Cooler still, is that the store is located right in the Monroeville Mall itself....home to the original Dawn of the Dead.

Kevin recently suffered an injury that makes it hard for him to keep up with the store and attend the various conventions he is booked at. Keeping the business cash flow is critical right now. You couldn't be helping a more deserving guy...and hey, since you were going to buy some zombie stuff anyway, maybe head over and purchase it through Kevin's's a win/win! There's some great items including genuine artifacts from the mall itself.

The Monroeville Zombies Attraction, Museum & Giftshop inside the Monroeville Mall
Monroeville Zombies is a celebration of Zombies in Pop-Culture. Located in the historic Monroeville Mall, location of the original film, George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead , the themed attraction takes fans through a visual history of zombies in cinema. Displays of props and memorabilia are woven into a presentation featuring interactive experiences and zombie gift shopping.

-Zombie Gallery & Museum 
-Celebrity "Maul of Fame" Wall 
-Zombie Boutique & Gift Shop 
-Arcade Games 

Attraction Hours:
Monday: Noon - 9:00 PM 
Tuesday: Noon - 9:00 PM 
Wednesday: Noon - 9:00 PM 
Thursday: Noon - 9:00 PM 
Friday: Noon - 9:00 PM 
Saturday: 10 AM - 9:00 PM 
Sunday: Noon - 6:00 PM

Monroeville Zombies / Funhouse 
100A Monroeville Mall 
Monroeville, PA 15146 

*Inside the Funhouse Arcade on lower level near Macy's

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