Saturday, March 30, 2013

Zombie Fest Free eBook Bonanza!

DATE: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
TIME: 7:00pm - 7:30pm
WHERE: Secret Zombie Proof Bunker (click here)



Come hang out with your favorite zombie authors and meet new ones as they give away tons of free books! 45 Writers, 2 Artist, 1 Publisher confirmed to attend and still counting! 

If you write zombie material and wish to participate in the give-away please sign up and request to be put on the confirmed list. 

The following are our confirmed guests for the day of the event:
H.E Goodhue
A.J. Coleman
Rhiannon Frater
Craig Saunders
Alan Dale
Billie Sue Mossiman
S.P. Durnin
Christine Sutton
Suzi M
Catt Dahman
Kim Paffenroth
Timothy Long
Kody Boye
Ian Woodhead
Matt Shaw
Peter Mark May
Eric S. Brown
Eric A. Shelman
Tonia Brown
Mark Scioneaux
David Dunwoody
Joe Talluto
Michelle Kilmer
Mark Tufo
Josh Hilden
Rebecca Besser
Stant Litore
Dane Hatchell
Scotty Schrier
Carl Hose
Bowie Ibarra
Craig DiLouie
Saul Tanpepper
Tristan Vick
Robert Elrod (Artist)
Anna Taborska
T.L. Decay
Angela Cornford
David Moody
Sean Liebling
Dark Continents Publishing
Z.A. Recht (honorary)
Shawn Chesser
Michele Dotson Jeweler)
Shane Gregory
David Forsyth
Maz Marik
William Todd Rose
D.M Youngquist
Christine Verstraete
Jackie Druga
Micheal S. Gardner
Kitty Pandemic (jeweler)
Belinda Frisch
Douglas Owen
Keith C Blackmore
Patrick D'Orazio
Mainak Dhar
Jule Romans
Vincenzo Bilof
Jackie Chin (online Zombie Podcaster)
Wyzae Crankfield (Zombie Rapper)
Jason Lenox (artist)

Wednesday, April 24th is the BIG day, so stay tuned!

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