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*Please note: ANY contribution over $35 will get you a ticket to our special zombie-themed launch party in Melbourne, even if it's not specifically listed in the reward! Limited to 200 tickets total*

Hi everyone, and welcome to Waterborne's campaign to create a zombie kangaroo!


'Waterborne' is a short Australian horror/zombie film; the lovechild of a bunch of filmmakers from Melbourne, Australia. We all love zombies, and we all love making films. We've been developing this one for a while now, and we're planning to shoot in April 2013.

It's a very Australian story set in a small country town, where Todd, the local ranger, is pretty sure that years of environmental disasters are wreaking havoc on the local ecosystem.  His suspicions are confirmed when contaminants in the water supply lead to the outbreak of a zombie-like virus that affects not only humans – but animals too.

The key scene in this short film revolves around an infected zombie kangaroo trying to smash its way into the ranger’s pickup truck.

Yes, you heard right - a ZOMBIE KANGAROO. 

Not only are we confident that 'Waterborne' will amazing short film (which we'll be entering into film festivals around the world), but it will also act as a prequel for a feature film that we've got up our sleeve. So by supporting this project, you're also helping to get the ball rolling on a much bigger film (with even more zombie animals)!


Every dollar you give us will go towards making our zombie kangaroo a reality – as far as we know, this is the first time a zombieroo will feature in a film, so we’re really breaking new ground here.

Our zombieroo will come to life via two different streams –largely, we’re going old-school and using a puppet /prosthetic kangaroo, built by an incredible high-end SFX team. Here's an initial sculpt of the zombieroo:

Pretty cool, huh?

However, if we can hit our initial target and go above and beyond, we'll be creating a fully digital, computer generated zombie kangaroo for the more intense attack scenes. 

We are incredibly lucky in that we’ve got an amazing cast, crew, and post-production team who are all willing to donate their time and resources to making this film a reality (check out our gallery for more info on those guys). But even so -  creating the zombieroo itself is such a time-consuming process that it’s just not possible for our special effects team create the zombieroo for nothing. 

Even with donations of time and resources, and generous price-reductions, the process creating a zombie kangaroo puppet is going to cost around $15,000. And that's where YOU can help!

We’re sure that there are awesome people who would also love to see a zombie kangaroo attack a pickup truck, and are willing to help us out!  Heck, we’d give YOU money if you were gonna make one.


Every dollar you contribute will go towards kangaroo zombie goodness – the more money contributed, the more zombieroo screentime we’ll be able to create! You’ll see more blood and guts, more attacks, more closeups, and more VFX shots. 


Aside from the warm, glowing feeling of knowing that YOU HELPED MAKE A ZOMBIE KANGAROO (how often in life do you get to say that?), there are a whole range of fun zombie-related awards that you can claim. Everything from thanks on the interwebs and on the film credits, to zombie badges, postcards, t-shirts, zombified photos of YOU, zombie prosthetics… even an Executive Producer credit on IMDB if you’re so inclined.


Fair question. We’re Melbourne-based filmmakers who work professionally in the industry and have a real passion for making awesome films. 

But, more specifically speaking:

Richard Barcaricchio: The Writer
For over a decade, Richard has worked in the film industry as a script editor, script doctor and screenwriter. He has worked for and with industry luminaries such as Stephen Amis, David Swann, Scott Roberts, John L Simpson and the late, great Bill Green.

Ryan Coonan: The Writer and Director
Ryan has written and directed numerous projects across the mediums of film and theatre, including; Jake Lives – an original musical production paying tribute to the Blues Brothers.  He has also written and directed several short films such as True StoryPisces, Finding Your Niche and Skeletons.

One fine summer day in 2002, Ryan and Richard met over a beer at the Melbourne Film Summer School. Ryan thought Richard was an arrogant wanker and Richard thought Ryan had a sub-standard grasp of the English language. They both realised this was the perfect foundation for a working relationship – and here we are today.

Marisa Brown:  The Producer. Marisa is a Melbourne-based writer and producer who is addicted to the collaborative nature of filmmaking. Aside from running a successful corporate video company, she’s produced several award-winning short films and music videos through her 'indie' company Octopod Films, and is also working at getting several feature films off the ground. 

 Chris Tomkins: VFX Supervisor / Editor: Based in Melbourne, Australia, Chris Tomkins is a post-production specialist with extensive experience in editing, colour grading and visual effects. He has worked on countless short films, animations, music videos and feature films.

 3rd Eye FX: Prosthetic Kangaroo and Human Zombie Experts: Larry and his team at 3rd Eye FX have created blood, gore and prosthetics for some incredible films. As individuals they've also worked on films like 'Red Hill', 'The Loved Ones', and the recent remake of 'Patrick', just to name a few. One of their team even made Fat Bastard’s suit in the ‘Austin Powers’ movies, which is not so relevant this film, but pretty awesome regardless.

Intelligent Ape:
  Adam Dewhirst, 3D Artist and Modeller.
 Adam Dewhirst of Intelligent Ape is a UK-based 3D artists who’s worked on some incredible projects (like creating Harvey Dent /‘Two-Face’ in ‘The Dark Knight)’, as well as character modelling ‘Clash of the Titans’, and ‘The Tale of Despereaux’. His modelling skills are amazing, and he’s going to build us an incredible digital zombieroo.

Brad Betts: 3D Animator and Modeller. Brad has been working as an animator for many years, on everything from big-budget movies and TV shows to computer games and TVCs. Brad is going to be rigging and animating our digital zombieroo.


Of course you do! Why wouldn't you? You've read this far, which means you're awesome!

Even if you don't have the dollars to contribute financially (or even if you do!) you can help us by spreading this on facebook and twitter, telling your zombie-loving friends, and helping us get the word out there!

And, of course, you can write to us!

Twitter: @waterbornemovie

Thanks so much for your support - let's make this zombieroo a reality!

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