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KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Tales of Fear: The Zombie Issue

Zombies! End of the World apocalyptic horror! Six complete blood and guts stories pushing the boundaries of good taste.

Hi, I'm Gary Scott Beatty, Xeric awarded writer and illustrator, and creator of Tales of Fear, a horror anthology comic book that pushes the boundaries of good taste.Tales of Fear has monsters, but they're far from Gothic -- this is the world down your street, shuffling your way!

Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue will be six tight, done-in-one stories. No mega-epic here, backers will get complete stories to enjoy with nothing else to buy! 

I think the illustrations in Tales of Fear set the book apart -- a “video game in watercolor” look adds gravity to the gore.
Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue
Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue

Become a zombie!

Aside from ebooks and printed books, I'm offering to MAKE YOU A ZOMBIE! I'll will turn you into a zombie, working from your supplied photograph. You will receive a custom PDF that your local copy shop can print in full color at 11 x 17! (A quality color copy this size will usually cost you $1.00 or less.) Use it on your Christmas card, your zombie union card, your website -- wherever you want, it's yours!
Your photo, left, to zombie star, right!
Your photo, left, to zombie star, right!
You are the zombie in your own, custom 11 x 17 illustration!
You are the zombie in your own, custom 11 x 17 illustration!

Praise for Tales of Fear #1

"…the passion that creator Gary Scott Beatty has for
the bizarre clearly shines through."
  -- Svetlana Fedotov, Fangoria

"What’s absent is boredom or mediocrity. This is a very good debut, and I’d welcome another issue or two of the same." -- Michael J. "pghhead" Clarke

"Fans of the 2012 Horror Comic Award nominated Indie Comics Horror will be elated to see that the editor and driving force behind the book, Gary Scott Beatty, is back with another horror anthology...Beatty is definitely a creator to watch! This is a must-buy for fans of independent comics and horror anthologies." -- Stephanie Gray,

"Tales of Fear #1 made a real impression on me. And I strongly suspect that it will have the same effect on you, too." -- Bill Baker, The Morton Report

Along with the new Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue, I'm offering these great, full color books and ebooks.

Tales of Fear #1: In Bloody Color, by Gary Scott Beatty. The ebook of Tales of Fear #1, in a full color PDF! 6 horror tales that push the boundaries of good taste. Film producers agree the zombie apocalypse was a good thing for their industry. Then, giants relax fishing, and their bait is not worms. Read "TXT" if you were ever annoyed by texting, corporations -- or both. In "Crack," a street gang's destructive habits get the best of them. The elderly are targeted through "Rayslist" posts. Plus, our series host's obsessions lead to eternal suffering. All tales complete in this issue! Suggested for mature readers.
Tales of Fear #1: In Bloody Color
Tales of Fear #1: In Bloody Color
Adam Among the Gods, by Gary Scott Beatty and Zenescope artist James Lyle. Full color, card stock cover. Adam is an ugly, deformed creature surrounded by a race of beautiful, immortal humans. He is an early mistake by geneticists before they perfected the process that lead to a perfect world. He is worshiped, undying and hopelessly alone!

Seductions, by Gary Scott Beatty and "Oz" artist Bill Bryan. Full color, card stock cover. Seductions explores mating ritual psychology, seduction history, the barroom scene and, yes, there are vampires! Seductions is far from a typical romance as the hero has to decide -- heart's desire or dinner? Relive past decades in this love story with bite.

Jazz: Cool Birth, by Gary Scott Beatty. Xeric Grant recipient! Full color, card stock cover. A murder mystery in a 1957 jazz club, with illustrations inspired by '50s album cover design. From the martini crowd at the uptown piano bars to the whiskey cats at downtown's Skylarks, piano man Dean Fontessa had thought he'd seen it all. But when he agrees to beat chops with the local pounders about a nixed out gabriel, he finds the jazz crowd takes care of its own, dig?
Jazz: Cool Birth, Seductions, and Adam Among the Gods: full color books, signed and mailed to you!
Jazz: Cool Birth, Seductions, and Adam Among the Gods: full color books, signed and mailed to you!

Backers can be confident!

I've been producing publications for nearly 40 years and, through Aazurn Publishing, have been offering comics for sale since 2008.
Six exciting stories are scripted, ready to be illustrated. With a fully funded campaign, I can devote time to bringing Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue into print and ebook form. Reference photos must be taken and CGI models dressed and posed. Then comes the creative work, as I assemble panel shots, massage the filters, and sketch to create the "video game in watercolor" look readers raved about in Tales of Fear #1. I plan to have Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue to press by November 2013.

What will the funding be used for?

The funding for Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue is to cover printing, ebook production and promotion for the book. My printer is known for accuracy and quality, and has the track record with Aazurn to prove it!

Please help us spread word about Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue, and other Aazurn Publishing books! Join the Fan Email List and check out our indie creators at
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Thanks again for checking out my Kickstarter project, and thanks for all of your help and support!

Risks and challenges

After the Kickstarter project is successfully funded, I will cheerfully begin making sure everyone involved receives their promised rewards in a timely manner, immensely thankful for the participation of every single backer! Illustrators live to create, and I can't wait to dig into Tales of Fear #2: The Zombie Issue. If any obstacles arise, backers will be notified immediately and I will offer frequent, entertaining, illustrated updates throughout the process. (Note: I do have a contingency plan for full scale zombie apocalypse, and Kickstarter updates will continue.)

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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