Monday, March 11, 2013

Concrete Canvas The Perfect Defense Against A Zombie Apocalypse

I am quite sure that most of us out there do think from time to time as to what might happen in the event of a zombie outbreak or zombie apocalypse. You know, the kind of scenario in the Walking Dead series, and will you end up in the camp of the likes of Rick Grimes, or prefer the protection of the self-proclaimed Governor? Well, a prison is always a good place to be holed up in, but for those who are not too keen on cleaning out an entire prison, there is always the option to create your very own fortress, with the Concrete Canvas Shelter coming to mind.
This is a larger scale tent that can be fully inflated thanks to an electric fan (don’t bother busting your lungs doing so), where it is made out from a certain kind of concrete impregnated canvas which will transform into concrete right after you add some water. Yes sir, who would have thought about something like this? It takes approximately 24 hours after the application of water for it to harden into a sturdy, fire and waterproof dwelling though.

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