Tuesday, March 19, 2013


For the past several weeks, there have been rumors that at least two characters die in The Walking Dead season three finale. It turns out that those rumors were severely underestimating the death total for The Walking Dead finale.

In a new article in Rolling Stone, Andrew (Rick) Lincoln says “twenty-seven people die” in The Walking Dead season three finale. Not twenty-seven walkers, but twenty-seven actual cast members will meet their untimely demises. Evidently the showdown between The Governor’s Woodbury army and Rick’s group at the prison is going to be a real bloodbath.

Among those twenty-seven characters, we’re guessing that a lot of them might be minor Woodbury characters. With The Governor’s army consisting of thirty-four people, it probably means that his army will be largely wiped out. Tyreese’s group of four will also likely suffer some casualties, and it’s possible that none of his group will survive.

The big question is how many members of Rick’s group at the prison will die. With twenty-seven people set to die, it’s hard to imagine that Rick’s group won’t have at least a couple of casualties. With a death count that high, it might be easier to speculate over who will still be standing at the end rather than who dies. We think Daryl’s probably safe, but other than him pretty much anyone could be getting killed off.


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