Saturday, March 23, 2013


1st HOUR (8-9pm EST) From 8:8:30pm EST A wonderful example of human compassion & pure Zombie Style please welcome Mr. James Barker. He will be Zombiepalooza's first official spokesperson for "Through the voice of Zombies." Then from 8:30-9pm EST section 2 of David Moody's book Autumn stay and listen for a while.

2nd HOUR (9-10pm EST) Please welcome back a delight to the eye and ear Mr. T.J. Garland. He is bringing a brand new baconey filled tid-bit to fill your zompoc need in for the form of a brand new web series "Human Supply." Zombiepalooza Radio Scored a clip for your ravenous appetites chew on this:

3rd HOUR (10-11pm EST) Please welcome back the delightfully funny wit of Author Mark Mclaughlin & his frequent collaborator, Michael McCarty. They will no doubt talk all things zombie & send you off with a big belly full of laughs.

4th HOUR (11-12pm EST) Zombiepalooza Radio's favorite Zombie~Vampire Zomb'G with Special Promoter none other than Raven Lunitic smash on the air waves to bring you upcoming news and events from "Days of the Dead," & other Zombie Events. Join us if you Dare!

5th HOUR (12-1am EST) I have the pleasure of announcing Zombiepalooza Radio's 1st talker, known to fans of TWD as "Big Tiny" please welcome Mr. Theodus Crane. Special Shout out to Wyzae Crankfield~~Zomb'G for making this happen this evening.


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