Thursday, March 21, 2013


Some good news for fans of Frank Sudol's one man animated zombie extravaganza City of Rott! It was reported last year that Sudol was working on a follow-up to his successful old man zombie killing machine and at the time, it looked like the follow up would focus on Fred Figiero's forgotten son Fred Jr. but it looks like the story has taken a slight shift in focus.  City of Rott: The Animated Series is planned as a 12 part series with each episode running 22 minutes. It will follow the adventures of Max Bludharte and Harry Figiero (Fred's brother), as they try to rid the city of zombies.    

Sudol has released a preview of the new series, showing the first four minutes of the first episode, and it looks just as fun as City of Rott. Keep in mind this is a one man show so progress will be slower that we'd likely want it to be but patience will be rewarded with animated awesomeness (not to mention what looks to be a cool new twist)!  

Will keep you posted on further developments but for the time being, be sure to check out the preview below.

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