Monday, March 11, 2013

FREE AMAZON KINDLE ZOMBIE E-BOOK--'Waiting to Die' by Richard Cochran

Not sure how long this will be free, so get your copy ASAP!!

Synopsis: The dead have come back to life to devour the living. They hunger for flesh. They rip away life. They are the new scourge that tears away at the very core of humanity.

As panic spreads through the streets, a handful of survivors search for refuge in a dying world. 

Waiting to Die is a ladder through the apocalypse, each step ascending higher into tribulation. With every soul that survives, new circumstances arise that delve deeper into the abyss that the world has become. Nowhere is secure and no one is safe.

If you were thrown into the apocalypse, what would you do? Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to survival. Waiting to Die is a story of a few survivors trying desperately to evade the dead. It is a story of hope, of loss, of the urge to keep fighting even when the odds are stacked against you. What hope is left for humanity when all that remains is death and hunger and gnashing teeth?

Get your copy here!

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