Saturday, March 2, 2013

'The Amazing Race' + Zombies = The Zombie Chronicles

Below you'll find the first chapter of THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES, entitled 'Dystopia'.
"THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES is a four part story about three groups of survivors who hear a radio call from a mysterious man on the radio. The man states that he has food, ammo and a survival plan for the first person who can make it to the radio station alone. A race to the finish ensues as the six survivors try to be first to make it to the radio station as it appears to be their last hope for survival."
Check it below and see if you recognize the cemetary in the opening of the episode.
Yep, that was the Evans City Cemetary in Pennsylvania where the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was shot. Nice!
You can see further episodes of THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES at their YouTube page right HERE.

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  1. The concept sounds great I can't wait!